Environment Asia

Environment Asia Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1992 from T&T Konsult Sdn Bhd, where prior to that date it was part of the latter as an environmental unit. At that time, the environmental expertise was largely dependent on Tonkin & Taylor International, which had been operating in Malaysia as one of the foremost environmental consultancies since 1972. Since its consulting activities set-up in 1994, Environment Asia Sdn Bhd has built up and maintained a reputation for environmental work in Malaysia.

Environment Asia Sdn Bhd became a fully independent company in 2005 following an agreement for the technical and management staff to take over the operations of the company. The environmental consultants and auditors in Environment Asia Sdn Bhd are officially registered with the Department of Environment Malaysia.

The Need for Environmental Management - Anticipating the Market

Environment Asia has established a comprehensive, fully independent environmental consultancy which services both the private and public sectors in Malaysia especially for environmental requirements in infrastructure projects such as highways, expressways, roads and bridges. Environment Asia Sdn Bhd maintains close links with various engineering and construction companies in support of consultancies for such infrastructure projects.